Ring Back Tunes, Games, IVR, Bulk SMS and mobile applications.

Value Added Service (VAS)

Service offerings in the Telecommunication industry have moved away from basic telephony/voice transmission to Data, Applications and Value Added Services, to deliver contents to consumers.

Consumer preferences are also constantly shifting and the service providers are forced to churn their content and application portfolio repeatedly.

Tavia Technologies Limited Value Added Service offering is on the emerging mobile market and encompasses providing mobile contents accessible on mobile phone, in varieties of ways ranging from promotions, competitions, Ring Back Tunes, Games, IVR, Bulk SMS and mobile applications.

Tavia's High end value added services enable legacy system replacement, as well as innovative service launches in the areas of Call Completion and convergence management.

Our Single platform for a wide variety of VAS services opens up the possibility of deploying on-demand solutions in addition to its off-the-shelf product portfolio making it easier to implement and maintain our various VAS services.


High-end VAS

Enhanced Please CallMe Service

Enhanced Please CallMe (ePCM) Services are unique and patented services which solve the problem of intentionally dropped calls otherwise known as "flashing" while allowing mobile users with insufficient credit to conveniently initiate a conversation, free of charge to them. The service is designed to "connect the unconnected".


Subscriber A sends a "CallMe back" message to the subscriber B, who then returns the call to subscriber A (B then assuming the cost of the call to A).

Today, when a prepaid or controlled account subscriber with zero balance makes a call, the prepaid system would typically deliver a message requesting the subscriber to add funds (credits/minutes) to their account. With ePCM, the prepaid system informs the Called Party of this call event by delivering a "CallMe" message to the called party and then sends the caller a message indicating how they can invoke the service in subsequent cases for free.

Events for ePCM service are:

  • Call setup attempt abandoned by calling party before the call is connected (i.e. one ring and then hang up)
  • Zero funds available (immediate disconnect by prepaid system)
  • Call setup started and then seeing an immediate call tears down (User enters number, presses Send and then immediately Ends – CallMe message launch trigger)
Mobile applications

relman App

elationship Management App (relman), is a Mobile App on smart phones that enables sales agents and marketers engage and sustain business relationships with customers. It automates lead generation, lead-tracking, follow-ups and analysis in a simple yet incredibly powerful fashion, letting you manage every aspect of your customer relationships in one smart, central location. With relman, relationship managers have relevant information about their clients, like background, important meeting dates, call notes, action points and opportunities. A relationship manager will be on top of his/her sales engagement at every stage.

relman gives a view of the sales cycle to decision makers; it Identifies trends, spots opportunities, increases efficiency and helps improve the sales process.


  • Gives Field staff and team members access to needed information
  • Sales Engagement Continuity
  • Improves communication/Interaction and reduces paperwork
  • Keeps track of marketer's engagement with customers.
  • Fosters Sales and Marketing Activities.
  • Simplifies Sales Follow-ups based on customer behavior.
  • Converts Prospects to clients faster.
  • Gives decision makers a view of the sales cycle.
  • Sustains business relationship with customers
  • Possible Lead generation and lead tracking
  • Follow-ups
  • Analytics (Reporting)

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